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Looking for Thoroughly Modern Millie costumes? We've got the whole ensemble for you at LOOKING4COSTUMES.

1920's flappers, working girls and elegant deco-inspired evening wear add brightness and texture to your production. We have multiple versions of this show in stock, so give us a call and arrange the color scheme that matches your vision.

The video on our website ( shows a high-school production (the kids had a great time!), but our costumes have since been upgraded for professional theatrical use.

We have all the costumes for Millie Dillmount, Jimmy Smith and Miss Dorothy Brown with great showstopers for Muzzy Van Hossmere. You can't have "Millie" without the cute Bun Foo and Ching Ho of course. Our theatrical costumes will make your production so much easier! Call today. Check out our website for more information and pictures..Also, Find us on Facebook

So start practicing your "Speed Test" and Reserve early! This popular show rents quickly! 

For more information and to see more pictures visit our website at or find us on Facebook at

Questions? Call LOOKING4COSTUMES at 717-945-7310 to contact a rental specialist today!!