Lion King Masks

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Rental Package

-Depending on how many masks

            -Just main characters

            -All the extras (extra hyena’s and lionesses)

            -Giraffes, antelope

-Must pay for shipping to and from your venue from Surrey, BC

-Pay for any damaged masks ($50 per mask)

-A one-time rental donation for masks to our theatre company (can be tax receipt if asked for)

            -$250 for mains (Simba, Mufasa, Scar, 3 Hyenas, Sarabi, Nala)

            -$350 for all or whatever additional ones you want

-Booking dates to be confirmed no more than 4-6week rental (may be negotiated longer if available)

They ship in road cases depending on the number of masks.

Hope that helps. Let me know your dates and if you are still interested.


Betty Huff Theatre Company